A Digital Frame with an Email Address


Familink offers web and mobile interface for ease in your photo sharing, with a dedicated email address to send directly to the frame from your device. Familink, a 3G/4G photo frame with an email address, how great is that?

Familink allows you to share your photos with your friends and family in a totally secure and simple way thanks to the web interface we have developed as well as the iPhone and Android app. It’s a modern and practical way to quickly share your photos.

Some users told us that it was easier to send photos by email so we added the ability to assign your Familink frame a unique email address of your choosing! The address ends in @familinkframe.com.

Sharing a photo is easy, simply attach the photo to a message in the subject and send to the frame.

Email Address and Security

Best yet, don’t worry about spam! we have created a sensitive spam filter for your protection. You can restrict access to your email, just give the email address to the family and friends you choose. The email address can be deactivated anytime and can be used with just a mobile device.