Familink: The New Private Social Network For Your Family!


Since 2016, Familink has become the go-to friend for families who want to share memories with their elders, especially those who aren’t tech-savvy or don’t have access to the Internet. A connected photo frame that has evolved with the needs of its users. And this year, we’re taking it one step further!

Today, Familink isn’t just a way for you to send photos to your grandparents. It’s become a truly private social network, where every member of the family can react, like and even comment on photos sent by others. It’s a privileged space for strengthening family ties, hence the name “Familink”.

Safety first

What sets Familink apart from other social networks is the guarantee that your data and exchanges remain strictly private. You can share freely and confidently, knowing that these moments are shared only with those who matter most to you. Your precious memories are kept safe, away from prying eyes.

Why the change?

At Familink, we believe that every evolution should have a meaning. With this new feature, we hope not only to make sharing easier, but above all to enable every member of the family to play an active part in creating shared memories. It’s this interactivity that strengthens bonds and makes Familink more than just a photo frame, but a real family space.