Why Choose a Familink Photo Frame Instead of a Tablet for Seniors?


The 2 founders of Familink observed that there are no suitable solutions on the market for sharing photos easily with seniors. Of course there are devices for seniors and this is a growing segment of the market.

The most well-known products are of course the tablets for seniors which offer:

  • Greater simplicity: the settings have been simplified, there are fewer applications and easier to identify.
  • Larger texts and icons.
  • Improved customer care

An Imperative: Simplicity

At Familink we believe that these tablets are still too complicated for many people. Indeed, these tablets although simplified, still have many drawbacks:

They require Internet access and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Not all senior have Internet access and it may be expensive to invest in a service provider.

They require configuration, like any tablet they need to be configured on the Wi-Fi network, enter the Wi-Fi security key, etc…

They offer a large number of useless applications that add complexity: games, endless social media and other apps probably not applicable to this population.

Above all their interface is still too complicated: there are still icons and menus in which senior can feel lost.

Familink addresses these issues because:

  • There’s no installation to do except plug it in. The frame has a 3G/4G SIM card already installed, already set up and already activated. There is therefore no Wi-Fi key to enter or settings to fuss with. Just plug it in and that’s it!
  • The frame displays each new picture as soon as it arrives. There’s no risk that grandma and grandpa won’t have seen the new photo you just sent.
  • The frame shuts off at night to keep it discreet and not disturb the users. Once it has been started for the first time, you can leave it untouched, and continue to enjoy each new photo as soon as it arrives.