Familink: The Ultimate in Simplicity


Familink is 3G/4G photo frame, made for elderly people and all those who do not have Internet or do not want to use it. It has been conceived for everyone, with no age limit thanks to its incredible simplicity.

Familink has been conceived in order to be usable by everyone, even those who never touched a computer. The only needed manipulation is to plug it. This simplicity is due to several innovations we developed for Familink:


  • It is a 3G/4G photo frame. This innovation is essential. The frame is able to connect to the Internet, everywhere. Bring it anywhere you want, turn it on and that’s it, the frame is connected. No code to dial, the SIM card is already set so it does not need any connection or manipulation.
  • No menu! Photos display as soon as they are received. You want to see another picture? Swipe the screen.
  • It turns on and off by itself. It turns on everyday at 8am and turns off at 8pm. You don’t have to worry about it. This schedule is settable remotely, because with Familink all the settings are settable remotely, if necessary.
  • It is already paired. When you order a Familink frame online, you automatically receive an email with a unique invitation to admin the device. This invitation code is unique to the frame your ordered. Thus, only you and your relatives can see the pictures on the frame. Then you could send picture on it as soon as it is on. No pairing to do!